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The Top 10 Best Albums of 2012!

Happy Almost New Year!
In honor of the world not caving in itself (not yet at least) I thought it would be fun to do a year in review of the albums that truly shifted the music scene, and moved my soul as well.

Here's my personal list of the top 10 best albums of 2012!

10.Jack White -Blunderbuss
This record for me is Jack White at his best. Between his insightful lyrics, gritty sound that we have all come to know and love in his body of work, and the fact that he musically never rest on his laurels, He is always pushing the boundaries of what he can do and this album is no exception.If you were not a fan before I feel this record will change your mind as it did with mine.

9.Cat Power -Sun
It's funny, I always forget about Cat Power but every single album she puts out is absolutely brilliant and more groundbreaking then before and makes me fall in love with her all over again. She is one of the few indie artists in my opinion that has never had one bad all...Which is a huge feat in itself and this album stays true to that sentiment. Honest and insightful lyrics, mixed with unforgettable melodies is what separates her from the rest. New Indie artists take note: She is the standard for what you should all strive to be.

8.Fiona Apple-The Idler Wheel
I remember when she came out I wasn't sure about her. I couldn't decide if the whole crazy introvert
 thing was an act or for real. Well between calling out the industry for it's "bullshit" to always writing music to the beat of her own drum, she has truly proved just what a one of a kind songwriter she is. While I feel this album is not nearly as groundbreaking as When the Pawn, my list would just not feel complete without it. Just Fiona, her voice and her band are all this album entails,Which is a welcome change from all the overly produced albums of her contemporaries.

7.Bruce Springsteen -Wrecking Ball
I will be honest, usually I could care less about The boss and his rather nice ass, but this album for me was a pleasant surprise. I can finally see why people love him so much, he is truly the every man. He is just salt of the earth Americana and that obviously resonates with millions of people.If you were not a fan before I feel this is a good introduction to his music. While is it very classic Springsteen it still feels just commercial enough to keep your ear interested. This album is a good testament of his songwriting skills and his wonderful musicianship.You will not be disappointed.

6. Norah Jones -Little Broken Hearts
I have always loved Norah and I am so happy to say that she is back and better then ever. An odd but brilliant collaboration with Danger Mouse makes this one of the most poignant albums of the year and one of the most haunting. This style suits her perfectly and I am honestly surprised this album hasn't shown up more on "The Best of" Lists of more music critics, since this is a stunning piece of work and a must own for any music lover.

5.The Killers -Battle Born
The Killers always put out good solid music, and while this is not as great as their last couple of albums it is still a welcome addition to their discography.Sweeping melodies, haunting vocals and that classic Killers sound we have all come to love about them. I'll be honest and say when I first started listening to them back in the day (Vegas native here baby!lol) I never thought they would get as big as they have, but I guess that is the nature of the beast and I just hope some of my other favorite local Vegas bands makes it just as big one day (C'mon Slow to Surface, I'm looking at you!).

4.Ben Folds Five -The Sound of the Life of the Mind
Love Ben Folds, he truly never ceases to amaze me. His is one of the most underrated musical geniuses of our generation and I am glad he is back with this tour de force of an album. Every song on this album is a standout and that is just testament to his wonderful songwriting. My personal favorite however is of course "Do It Anyway" (Sorry I have a thing for Fraggles, lol) But this song is just one of many gems on this amazing album. The kinetic energy, beautiful melodies and some genuinely heartbreaking moments like on the song "Thank you for breaking my heart" make this a staple for any music lover's collection.

3.Mumford and Sons -Babel
Another band that I am starting to play catch up on and this is definitely a very solid follow up to their 2009 album Sigh No More.They have a wonderful ability to still sound fresh while giving a musical nod to the past and this album follows in that trend. I know when I listen to an album I always try to find that one filler song and shockingly (for me at least) that song does not exist. Every song is big, passionate and beautiful. Whether you are a fan of indie, bluegrass or alt country or new rock there is something for everybody on here. I know this will be on constant rotation in my house for awhile. Just good classic songs from one of the most promising indie bands from the past 10 years.

2.Bob Dylan-Tempest
I know I might get some shit for putting Him at #2 But trust me, writing this list was so hard since this year was jam packed with wonderful music from my favorite artists. Every album on this list is amazing, so take my reviews with a grain of salt.This is classic Bob Dylan at his best, even if he seems to be channeling Tom Waits from time to time on this record. Insightful lyrics, and excellent musicianship just show why Bob Dylan has been at the top of his game for so long.

1.Over The Rhine-The Long Surrender
I am very aware that this album technically came out last year, but for me they are one of the best bands of the past 20 years and are long over due for their recognition. (plus this is my list so I can do whatever the fuck I want, so suck it! hahaha.) Between their sweeping melodies, Linford's beautiful lyrics, Karin's haunting voice, and religious / social undertones this album has a little bit for everybody, which is what separates them for me from other indie folk artists.They have been doing consistently good music for 20 plus years and if you are not already a fan I implore you to go out and buy this album. For me, they are the antithesis of  breathtakingly brilliant storytelling.

So there you have it, My list of the top 10 albums of 2012 (and 2011) !
What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree with my list? Who would be your top 10?
Comment and Let's discuss!

xoxoxoxox -----Nerdychick

Monday, December 24, 2012

Top 10 Best Christmas Movies / Specials Ever!

Happy Holidays!

Since Christmas is one of my absolute favorite times of the year for watching classic holiday movies I decided  to compile a list of not only the greatest but some of my favorite Christmas movies to maybe inspire you guys tomorrow to enjoy with your loved ones.I hope this list brings you as much joy and memories as it does for me!


Top 10 Best Christmas Movies / Specials Ever!

10. A Christmas Story
A family movie that I feel everyone could relate too. Between a wonderful script, and amazing actors you simply cannot go wrong with this classic holiday film.

9.It Happened on 5th Avenue.
Sure the script might be a little far fetched (a homeless man squatting in a rich mans home and the hilarious hi jinks that ensue) It is still worth watching just for the sincere performances and wonderful character actors that pepper this wonderful film. I feel it is a wonderfully optimistic film that will delight your love of classic christmas movies, and will make a wonderful addition to your collection.

I grew up watching this and I am proud to say the story still holds up to this day. The story of a   daughter and Father who are poor and the struggles that entails, come across what the daughter believes to be a fallen reindeer (I know, but bear with me.) Between the sappy plot and depressing moments, it actually is a good commentary on real families in real situation and the importance of coming together to survive through the tough times.

7.Holiday Inn.

A classic movie that always gets over looked by the huge christmas staple that has become " White Christmas" But I feel might be a little bit better in a way. The plot is surrounded a singer who wants a change of pace, and buys an inn to create shows and also live a peaceful life from the hustle and bustle of the entertainment world. The gimmick being that he creates brand new musical reviews for pretty much every major holiday you can think of (including Abraham Lincoln! The awkward showstopper.)
Fun, romantic, and an instant classic for lovers of anything that Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby do!

6.How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
What can I say that has not already been said about this classic? Seriously, it's the Grinch You would have to live under a rock or be the Grinch himself to not appreciate this masterpiece.

  5.Christmas Vacation.
It does not matter how many years I have been watching this film, it is still in my opinion one of the funniest christmas movies ever! Comedic flawless timing, wonderful cast and Chevy at his best, this is an absolute must for the holiday season!

Hands down this is my favorite Bill Murray movie! Oddly enough, I heard that Bill hates this movie, which is completely maddening to me since there is nothing bad about it. Great cast, wonderful script and some wonderful genuine moments from Bill Murray makes this a huge staple in my families movie rotation.

                                                               3.The Snowman.
This to me is one of the most brilliant pieces of animation to ever grace my television set.It's beautiful score, and breathtaking animation makes me extremely envious that I was not apart of this gem somehow. If you have never seen it, please click now! I promise it will give you chills and move you to tears. Simply a family must!

2.White Christmas.
Ah good old Bing Crosby and Danny Fucking Kaye! This classic holiday movie is an absolute must and I can guarantee will leave you with a song in your heart and your toes a tappin!

1.It's a Wonderful Life.
It's a wonderful life....just go watch it....right now....seriously right now.......a brilliant classic which makes you think, and warms your heart. I feel many of us can relate to his struggles, which makes it the most enduring movie of all time.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Best Educational Videos Ever!

Educational Videos used to be a good way of  introducing very basic health and safety issues to the general public. Many of them range from Health, Relationships,Social, Education or Political. We might think these are ridiculous now, but back in the day they were pretty well respected ways to get information out to the viewers and school children.We still to an extent do these once and awhile but not nearly as much as we used to. Here are some of my favorites I have come across through the magic of YouTube.So sit back, relax and enjoy the cheesy (and very political incorrectness) of these Educational videos!

A Educational Video on "Women"
 A video about Homosexuality Called "Boys Beware"

"The Do's and Don'ts of Dating"

Old Driving Educational Video

"How to Survive a Nuclear Fallout" um.....

A video about Posture and Personality

"What Makes a Good Party"

Educational Video on "Puberty" (my favorite! lol)

Food and Nutrition

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and if your traveling be safe! If you need a good thanksgiving movie to watch tonight after stuffing your face with turkey, here's one of my favorites:"Planes,Trains and Automobiles"

see ya later pumpkins!

"Planes,Trains, and Automobiles" preview

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Most Racist Advertisements Ever!

Unfortunately America has a history of extremely racist advertisements since the beginning of commercialism. While I do not condone these ad's I thought it would be interesting to see just how far we have come, and how so far we have left to go.

                                                          This was for an eyeglasses ad.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Have a Winner!

While I am not excited about Obama winning, I still think with all his faults he's a hell of a lot better then Romney! Seriously, that guys track record scared the crap outta me!

I really hope one day we can expand our political horizon by adding third parties, since I feel this is truly what America needs now more then ever. The independent/green party had a very big turn out this year, so much so that the numbers came back showing that Jill Stein got the most votes of either Green Party Candidate in 2004 or 2008! So, were making some huge strides, and I hope next time around we can have a third party, but most importantly, I really hope next time around we can have a woman in power!

Here's an article about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, and what this means for Democracy:

Here's Obama's Victory Speech:

Here's Romney's sore loser Speech
(He didn't have a concession speech ready, hence the awkward

Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama and Romney: Either way were screwed!

For those of you who still are not sure of who to vote for, just take these two articles into debate about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I feel these say everything that I need to say, and why tomorrow were screwed either way.

for the record, I voted for Jill Stein.Originally I was gonna vote for Ron Paul, but I guess he bowed out in August.If I can't vote for Ron, then I feel Jill is a good alternative. She's believes in everything I stand for and I truly believe she would do all the things she says, without screwing american's over in the process.
here's a link to her site showing what she stands for

and here's some links to the articles on Obama and Romney.

additional Romney website:

additional obama website:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Most Hilarious Advertisement's of the 1950's

Advertisement has become an unfortunate part of are every day life and sadly it was no exception back then. Today's ad's are sleek,sophisticated, and very cutting edge.The ad's from the 50's....not so much! Here's a couple of my favorite hilariously wrong ad's from the 50's. hope you enjoy the political incorrectness! Woohoo!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Twitter Profile of the Month: Angry Hulk Hogan

One of my favorite trends on twitter are the constant celebrity parody profiles that keep popping up. While some of them are kinda funny, most of them are down right lame, and once and awhile a parody account comes around that really captures your eye, and makes you laugh your ass off!

 Ladies and gentleman I would like to introduce you to my favorite Twitter profile of the month:

For more Wisdom from the Hulkster follow him on Twitter @AngryHulkHogan 

Vote Vote Vote!

On November 6th America will vote for the next "President" of the united states of america....and I couldn't be more unenthusiastic about either candidate. In all the years I've been voting (I'm 29 mind you) I have never felt more strongly that we need a third party now more then ever! While I did admit that last time I did vote for McCain, not because I'm republican (which I'm not.) But to me, he was the closest thing to a sane candidate we have had in awhile, and agree with his politics or not, he actually had some very good ideas about what he would to do to help the economy and create jobs.I would like to believe that he was very sincere in his speeches, and actually meant what he was saying. It's interesting that even though McCain was the republican candidate he agreed almost 100% with everything Obama was saying. I don't know when it happened, but somewhere years ago Republicans and Democrats became strange bedfellows.It seemed at the time, that no matter who I voted for the same outcome ( for good) was going to happen for the USA.

However the lines seem to be getting wider and wider between the two camps this time around, and it has become the blame game to the tenth degree.Both men are not perfect, and I don't expect my president to be perfect, It's impossible to please everyone.What I do expect from my president is to be honest in his intentions on how he's going to fix the unemployment and home foreclosures.What his stance on pro-choice is, if they will keep funding government assistance for the needy, and Universal Healthcare.Now I know many of you wont agree with me on the last two I mentioned. But I feel it is the government's job to help the American's who are down on their luck and need the help. Sure some people abuse the system, but I'm sure more American's are seriously struggling more then we would like to admit. And I do believe in universal healthcare from the stance that nobody should be denied HEALTHCARE!! So what if I have to put in money for something I may or may not use, I would be happy to help my fellow man in knowing that I helped them get the medical assistance they need.

While I am still not sure on who I am voting for, whether it be Obama, Romey or Some Third Party Candidates.So I decided to post the debates among other videos for the candidates I am interested in and let them speak for themselves. Maybe these can help you in your voting process as well.

Romney vs. Obama 


 First Debate


Second Debate


Final Debate

Third Party Candidates
Green Party Candidate Jill Stein and VP Cheri Honkala


Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson


Who are you voting for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Retro and Records.

Hey guys, I decided to change the look up a little around here, since the black and white was depressing the hell outta me! lol. The new look is inspired by my love of vintage 50's commercialism (with a splash of pop art of course) to set the tone for my blog.I feel there's something very endearing  about how completely politically incorrect, misguided and nostalgic this era is.I'm sure my grandparent's would seriously disagree, but for me it hark ens back to simpler times, even though those times were nothing but an idealist fantasy of what the reality actually was.With the state of this economy, this painfully bad election process, and the apathy of the american public in general give me "Leave it to beaver" any day! Between the clothing,the music, the t.v.shows, the artwork, the advertisements, and the furniture it is one of my favorite decades (even though it set feminism back a couple of years, with the wife in the kitchen mentality.)
Even with all the flaws, If I could afford to wear vintage everyday you can bet your ass I would!

On a different note, here's a amazing throw back website I found a couple of weeks ago called "Kiddie Records Weekly" that has digital downloads of iconic children's classic records (some of these I grew up listening too and was thrilled to revisit them!) Some of them you can download, some of them you cannot, but either way it's a wonderful website and a must for retro fans! 
(Don't forget to donate to keep this website going!)


Lara B.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My article on Los Angeles Beat!

My dear friend Shirley who works at the Los Angeles Beat Posted my article of The Top 10 Worst horror Films ever Made! Check it out!

                         Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

The Cheesiest Halloween Costumes on the Internet: Skank edition

For some reason women think that Halloween is the time to dress skanky-er then usual, and these costumes are some of the best! Enjoy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Cheesiest Halloween Costumes on the Internet: Men Edition!

Here's a collection of some of the cheesiest Male costumes I have come across recently! I don't really have a description for these, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves!
could you
imagine being one of the model's for these pics??
That's pretty bottom of the barrel when it comes to print

Saturday, October 20, 2012

top 10 worst Halloween movies of all time! (in my opinion)

                       Check out my awesome new article on yahoo voices!
             Do it or I'll rape your poodle...okay not really, but check it out anyway!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Twitter and the Death of Music.

Recently Lady Gaga (or “Mother Monster” as those kooky kids are calling her.) Has just recently hit the 30 million mark with her Twitter followers, making her the most followed Person in Twitter history….Which to be fair, Twitter has only been around since 2006, so their history isn't big, but I guess it’s still impressive none the less.

For the people who have been living at the bottom of the sea for a while let me explain briefly what a “Twitter” is and how important it has become to the industry. Twitter is a free social media website where people can express themselves in 140 characters or less and post it for the whole world to see. It’s like one big ass text message that just….won’t…..friggin …stop.

While to most people this sounds like narcissism to the tenth degree, to others it has become a way to meet new people and share similar tastes and ideas. Now the industry (in all their infinite wisdom) has used this tool in order to hock their musicians as relatable people just like you and me.

Yes ladies and gentleman, No aura of mystery anymore about what an artist is truly like. Now you can have their thoughts and ramblings spelled out in 140 characters of sheer awesomeness! I know I can’t wait to hear when my favorite singer eats a burrito, dyes their hair, or takes out the freaking trash; I've never felt so alive!! Could you imagine if they had Twitter back in the day? Here’s a sneak peak at what could have been:

 The Beatles
“Just got back from a magazine interview! I can’t believe @johnlennon said we were more popular then jesus! Bloody Wanker! LOL #Epic" 

Ozzy Osbourne
“ xzjsnxjcndjdncsd ooo blooooody hell….I think I aaaate a real bat tonight..;l.’;.’ #FML”

Okay so that’s exactly how it would have gone down, but this is still the basic idea of how the music industry has ruined itself with more tweeting and less creative music. You would think that Gaga tweeting about her album Born this Way and calling it “The album of the decade” Would have helped her sales, but as of the 2011 release to now  she has only sold roughly 6 million, which is great considering that album sales are at an all-time low, one would say that is pretty amazing.

 But take into consideration Adele’s 21 (which came out that same year) has already garnered 25 million albums sold and Won her six Grammy's. What’s interesting is Adele is on Twitter as well, but with only 10 million followers and barely saying anything on the site, it seems to keep her fans coming back for more. Adele’s tactics of less is more seem to working well for her.

While on the other end of the spectrum with millions of followers, all the constant tweeting, sleeping in giant perfume bottles, big budget music videos, purvy photos with Terry Richardson and Madonna bashing couldn't bring in the numbers for Lady Gaga’s album like they should have. But, she has 30 million followers??

Something doesn't make sense! Fake followers and over exposure do not a pop star make. Not focusing your efforts in making great music and more trying to pimp out your brand that has been confirmed by your manager  (Pop water? seriously?) Or tweeting about you watching the TV show “Cheaters” is more important in this day and age.

 And before you guys start bashing me for dragging your beloved “Mother” through the coals, let me get to the point, okay??Thanks!

My point:

While it’s great to want to be in contact with your favorite artists, and it might even make you feel like your closer to the music experience even more, most of the time it ends up being a hindrance. Knowing every little detail of that artist leaves no mystery, no spontaneity, no creativity on our part trying to figure out the puzzle, no craving for more. Music used to be not only about the sound but about the excitement of the unknown, the danger, the thrill of the adventure that no one except that Musician can take you to. I love the fact that one of the world’s most prolific guitarist, the great Jimi Hendrix, barely spoke a word to the press, let alone his own fans. He just took you on that journey and let the music speak for itself. My advice for these new supposed “Artists” is to shut the fuck up, pour your heart and soul into the music, and just let it speak for itself. Everything else is just white noise.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Best Halloween Cheesecake Ever!

I know every fucking blogger on the internet post's something about baking, thinking that people care what they put in their face.I swore I would never stoop that low, but sadly after eating this recipe I have become that stereotype and I just wanted to share this yummy goodness. Every Halloween I try one brand new recipe to add to my repertoire and Thanks to one of my favorite recipe sites online .all recipes I found an amazing cheesecake that I can say from first hand experience is amazing!! It combines my two loves: Pumpkin and Cheesecake, and the fact that it's moderately easy (for people who know how to bake) is a plus. If you must make one thing this Halloween I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Click On this Link for the recipe!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I am a die hard Tim Burton fan since the beginning, and I am happy to say that they have made the hilariously cute Frankenweenie Short that Tim did and made it into a stop motion classic! I have not seen it yet (yay being broke! lol) But if I know Tim Burton it will be nothing short of awesome!Here's a preview for you to check out below! Out now in theaters!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trick or Treat for UNICEF!

This year for Halloween I decided to do something a little different and I really wanted to get the word out to you guys as well on how you can help children and families in need while you stuff your face with candy this year.source

Founded in 1946, UNICEF helps save, protect, and improve the lives of children in over 150 countries by providing immunizations, health care, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, emergency relief, education, 
and more.

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is an education and fundraising program designed to teach kids about their peers in developing countries around the world and empower them to express themselves while also helping others in need.

Youth in the U.S. have raised over $167 million though Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF since the campaign began.

In many parts of the world, kids do not have safe water to drink. Some cannot go to school or must work to support their families. Many have never seen a doctor or had immunizations to protect them against deadly diseases.

When you donate to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, you join others in protecting children from harm and giving them the best start in life.

For more information on how you can get involved visit click this link below.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mini Review:No Doubt Push and Shove.

I have to say that my biggest musical influence on my life is my older sister Heather and her wonderful taste in music. I owe my love for pretty much everything I have been listening to for the past 20 years (i'm 29) and No Doubt is no exception.
Whether it's their ska roots with their self titled debut No Doubt, The Brilliant Pop Punk Ska mesh on Tragic Kingdom, the moody Piece Di Resistance of Return of Saturn or their dance hall reggae anthems on Rock Steady, they have always stayed true to the original so-cal fun vibe of the band.And I am proud to say that No Doubt's latest album (11years in the making) Push and Shove is no exception. While a more polished album then previous adventures, it still has that 80's new wave / ska / dance hall sound that has become No Doubt's signature, but still remaining completely relevant to today's music market, actually, it's BETTER then what is being pawned off as "music" in this day and age.They truly are a welcome breath of fresh air to the Justin Bieber's of this world.

No Doubt "Settle Down" Music Video

 No Doubt "Push and Shove" Music Video

No Doubt "Looking Hot" Live at iHeart Radio

Album Available on: