Thursday, November 1, 2012

Retro and Records.

Hey guys, I decided to change the look up a little around here, since the black and white was depressing the hell outta me! lol. The new look is inspired by my love of vintage 50's commercialism (with a splash of pop art of course) to set the tone for my blog.I feel there's something very endearing  about how completely politically incorrect, misguided and nostalgic this era is.I'm sure my grandparent's would seriously disagree, but for me it hark ens back to simpler times, even though those times were nothing but an idealist fantasy of what the reality actually was.With the state of this economy, this painfully bad election process, and the apathy of the american public in general give me "Leave it to beaver" any day! Between the clothing,the music, the t.v.shows, the artwork, the advertisements, and the furniture it is one of my favorite decades (even though it set feminism back a couple of years, with the wife in the kitchen mentality.)
Even with all the flaws, If I could afford to wear vintage everyday you can bet your ass I would!

On a different note, here's a amazing throw back website I found a couple of weeks ago called "Kiddie Records Weekly" that has digital downloads of iconic children's classic records (some of these I grew up listening too and was thrilled to revisit them!) Some of them you can download, some of them you cannot, but either way it's a wonderful website and a must for retro fans! 
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Lara B.

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