Saturday, March 23, 2013

The 7 Scariest Easter Bunnies Ever!

Ahh dead eyes!!! 

Originally I was trying to find some interesting advertisements, facts, and other random tidbits about Easter to share with you guys, but I was horrified to find a barrage of creepy ass Easter bunnies along the way and I had to dedicate an entire post to them! lol. Going to see the Easter Bunny was not really a big thing in my house, we usually saved that awkwardness for that Santa who smelled like beer and pez at the local mall.
With that said, here is my list of The  7 Scariest Easter Bunnies Ever! 
I do not own these pics! Used just for entertainment purpose only! xoxo

7.Ah good old Easter bear dog!

6.I will eat your soul!

5.Even the baby knows this shit is whack.

4.Redneck Bunny.

3.I'm pretty sure this one is pure evil...

2.Poor skin graft bunny....

1.I don't know why Timmy grew up scared shitless of rabbits.

Got any scary Easter pics?
 Send them to me and I'll include them onto the list! 
Happy Easter Fuckers!!! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top 5 Best Pope Merchandise Ever!

New white guy taking over for old white guy....yay?

Yay we have a new pope! What the fuck that really means I have no idea, But I know one thing I am very excited about: New Pope Merchandise! I know he only got elected just a couple of days ago, so I will have to wait till all the 
Jorge Bergoglio crap rolls in, so until than here is my list of the Top 5 Best Pope Merchandise Ever! Enjoy! xoxox

5. "I see you masturbating" coffee mug:
Nothing goes better with my morning cup of joe than a creepy old man wearing a robe.

4. Pope Cologne:

I didn't know you could bottle children and fear.

3. Pope Cakes:
I guess the old pope had a thing for sweets, so a company made these in his honor...Little Debbie ain't got nothing on this shit!

2.Pope Beer:
A german based brewing company made these in honor of the german pope....I don't really have a joke here, I just love the idea of pope beer.;-)

1.Soap pope on a rope:

A classic staple in any household is the iconic soap pope on a rope! I was bummed out when my old soap resigned, thank god the arizona cardinals helped me pick a new one! 
My vagina thanks you!

 What are your thoughts on the new pope? 
Excited or could give two shits? sound off in the comments!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

St.Patrick's Day Best Kept Secret: Darby O'Gill and the Little People

From left: Nancy Whiskey (Fiddle & Vocals), Tipsy McStaggers (Drums) , Barry McCockiner (Bass), Ringo McLarkey (Accordion &Vocals) and last but not least
Darby O'Gill (Lead Singer & Guitar) 

Since moving to Ohio three years I can name millions of things I miss about living in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada and This band is definitely at the top of that list!
For ten plus years now they have been gracing the Vegas music scene with there wonderful blend of Irish / Celtic / Punk rock music covers (with original songs as well) and putting on a one of kind show that is hilarious and always rocking which is what makes in my opinion Darby O'Gill and the Little People Las Vegas's Best kept secret and only reason to go out for St.Patrick's Day! Sure you could go listen any pub drinking band but what makes them unique is how genuinely funny they are and the great connection they have with the crowd. They joke around with you, take requests and are always making sure you are having a good time.It's the equivalent of hanging out with old friends....if your friends were to cuss like sailors and tell dirty limericks...but dear old friends none the less!
But enough of this ball licking, let's watch them in action!

Live Performances:

promo video

Covering Flogging Molly's Sentimental Johnny

Covering Jay Z's Empire State of Mind

**St.Patrick's Day they will be playing at 
Hennessey's 12pm-3pm, McMullan's 5pm-8pm, and Quinn's 10pm-2am. Be there!**

For more information about this band or to buy one of there cd's go to and if you ever get a chance to see them live go motherfuckers! You will not be disappointed!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Douchey-est St.Patrick's Day Shirts Ever!

I originally was going to talk about really bad St.Patrick's Day Costumes but in my search I was alarmed at how many incredibly unfunny and rather terrible shirts I came across, and I thought it would just be wrong to not talk about them! It's one thing to wear something green and festive, but it's a whole other scenario when you become a dick in the process.To all the frat boys,sexually frustrated nerds, and 50 year old men still trying to stay relevant...this article is for you.

For the men

Only a hot guy could get away with wearing this shirt...
let's be honest ladies.

Oh his penis is his lucky charm! ha.....ha...ha......

Oh he reversed the letters since he's drunk! So....clever.....

Be gentle on him, he still lives in his mama's basement 
and plays d & d.

I have a feeling he reeks of ax body spray 
and is wearing a jesus is my homeboy trucker hat.

If this doesn't get you punched in the face
I don't know what will.

Purchased by 12 year old males or asian guys...
same thing really...

I predict dying alone in his future.

I am pretty sure the pussy will not be flying his way 
anytime soon.

I have a to do list for you: 
Drink, Pee, Shove this shirt up your fucking ass moron!

Worn by 50 year old perverts with roofie colada's.

For the ladies

Worn by Strippers and Cocktail waitress's everywhere.

boobs...again.. ha ha..thank god she's hot.....

CAUTION: Might Have Crabs!

Even wearing a joke t-shirt can't make women funny.

Have a shirt you want me to include? 
Send it to me and I'll include it on this list!
*More St.Patrick's Day ridiculousness coming soon*