Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Best Educational Videos Ever!

Educational Videos used to be a good way of  introducing very basic health and safety issues to the general public. Many of them range from Health, Relationships,Social, Education or Political. We might think these are ridiculous now, but back in the day they were pretty well respected ways to get information out to the viewers and school children.We still to an extent do these once and awhile but not nearly as much as we used to. Here are some of my favorites I have come across through the magic of YouTube.So sit back, relax and enjoy the cheesy (and very political incorrectness) of these Educational videos!

A Educational Video on "Women"
 A video about Homosexuality Called "Boys Beware"

"The Do's and Don'ts of Dating"

Old Driving Educational Video

"How to Survive a Nuclear Fallout" um.....

A video about Posture and Personality

"What Makes a Good Party"

Educational Video on "Puberty" (my favorite! lol)

Food and Nutrition

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