Friday, October 19, 2012

Twitter and the Death of Music.

Recently Lady Gaga (or “Mother Monster” as those kooky kids are calling her.) Has just recently hit the 30 million mark with her Twitter followers, making her the most followed Person in Twitter history….Which to be fair, Twitter has only been around since 2006, so their history isn't big, but I guess it’s still impressive none the less.

For the people who have been living at the bottom of the sea for a while let me explain briefly what a “Twitter” is and how important it has become to the industry. Twitter is a free social media website where people can express themselves in 140 characters or less and post it for the whole world to see. It’s like one big ass text message that just….won’t…..friggin …stop.

While to most people this sounds like narcissism to the tenth degree, to others it has become a way to meet new people and share similar tastes and ideas. Now the industry (in all their infinite wisdom) has used this tool in order to hock their musicians as relatable people just like you and me.

Yes ladies and gentleman, No aura of mystery anymore about what an artist is truly like. Now you can have their thoughts and ramblings spelled out in 140 characters of sheer awesomeness! I know I can’t wait to hear when my favorite singer eats a burrito, dyes their hair, or takes out the freaking trash; I've never felt so alive!! Could you imagine if they had Twitter back in the day? Here’s a sneak peak at what could have been:

 The Beatles
“Just got back from a magazine interview! I can’t believe @johnlennon said we were more popular then jesus! Bloody Wanker! LOL #Epic" 

Ozzy Osbourne
“ xzjsnxjcndjdncsd ooo blooooody hell….I think I aaaate a real bat tonight..;l.’;.’ #FML”

Okay so that’s exactly how it would have gone down, but this is still the basic idea of how the music industry has ruined itself with more tweeting and less creative music. You would think that Gaga tweeting about her album Born this Way and calling it “The album of the decade” Would have helped her sales, but as of the 2011 release to now  she has only sold roughly 6 million, which is great considering that album sales are at an all-time low, one would say that is pretty amazing.

 But take into consideration Adele’s 21 (which came out that same year) has already garnered 25 million albums sold and Won her six Grammy's. What’s interesting is Adele is on Twitter as well, but with only 10 million followers and barely saying anything on the site, it seems to keep her fans coming back for more. Adele’s tactics of less is more seem to working well for her.

While on the other end of the spectrum with millions of followers, all the constant tweeting, sleeping in giant perfume bottles, big budget music videos, purvy photos with Terry Richardson and Madonna bashing couldn't bring in the numbers for Lady Gaga’s album like they should have. But, she has 30 million followers??

Something doesn't make sense! Fake followers and over exposure do not a pop star make. Not focusing your efforts in making great music and more trying to pimp out your brand that has been confirmed by your manager  (Pop water? seriously?) Or tweeting about you watching the TV show “Cheaters” is more important in this day and age.

 And before you guys start bashing me for dragging your beloved “Mother” through the coals, let me get to the point, okay??Thanks!

My point:

While it’s great to want to be in contact with your favorite artists, and it might even make you feel like your closer to the music experience even more, most of the time it ends up being a hindrance. Knowing every little detail of that artist leaves no mystery, no spontaneity, no creativity on our part trying to figure out the puzzle, no craving for more. Music used to be not only about the sound but about the excitement of the unknown, the danger, the thrill of the adventure that no one except that Musician can take you to. I love the fact that one of the world’s most prolific guitarist, the great Jimi Hendrix, barely spoke a word to the press, let alone his own fans. He just took you on that journey and let the music speak for itself. My advice for these new supposed “Artists” is to shut the fuck up, pour your heart and soul into the music, and just let it speak for itself. Everything else is just white noise.


  1. ha ha ha ha. It's how I've felt about the industry and Gaga for awhile, I just finally got the urge from the gagacheat conversations to write about it.Thanks for checking out my site!