Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Douchey-est St.Patrick's Day Shirts Ever!

I originally was going to talk about really bad St.Patrick's Day Costumes but in my search I was alarmed at how many incredibly unfunny and rather terrible shirts I came across, and I thought it would just be wrong to not talk about them! It's one thing to wear something green and festive, but it's a whole other scenario when you become a dick in the process.To all the frat boys,sexually frustrated nerds, and 50 year old men still trying to stay relevant...this article is for you.

For the men

Only a hot guy could get away with wearing this shirt...
let's be honest ladies.

Oh his penis is his lucky charm! ha.....ha...ha......

Oh he reversed the letters since he's drunk! So....clever.....

Be gentle on him, he still lives in his mama's basement 
and plays d & d.

I have a feeling he reeks of ax body spray 
and is wearing a jesus is my homeboy trucker hat.

If this doesn't get you punched in the face
I don't know what will.

Purchased by 12 year old males or asian guys...
same thing really...

I predict dying alone in his future.

I am pretty sure the pussy will not be flying his way 
anytime soon.

I have a to do list for you: 
Drink, Pee, Shove this shirt up your fucking ass moron!

Worn by 50 year old perverts with roofie colada's.

For the ladies

Worn by Strippers and Cocktail waitress's everywhere.

boobs...again.. ha ha..thank god she's hot.....

CAUTION: Might Have Crabs!

Even wearing a joke t-shirt can't make women funny.

Have a shirt you want me to include? 
Send it to me and I'll include it on this list!
*More St.Patrick's Day ridiculousness coming soon*

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