Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top 5 Best Pope Merchandise Ever!

New white guy taking over for old white guy....yay?

Yay we have a new pope! What the fuck that really means I have no idea, But I know one thing I am very excited about: New Pope Merchandise! I know he only got elected just a couple of days ago, so I will have to wait till all the 
Jorge Bergoglio crap rolls in, so until than here is my list of the Top 5 Best Pope Merchandise Ever! Enjoy! xoxox

5. "I see you masturbating" coffee mug:
Nothing goes better with my morning cup of joe than a creepy old man wearing a robe.

4. Pope Cologne:

I didn't know you could bottle children and fear.

3. Pope Cakes:
I guess the old pope had a thing for sweets, so a company made these in his honor...Little Debbie ain't got nothing on this shit!

2.Pope Beer:
A german based brewing company made these in honor of the german pope....I don't really have a joke here, I just love the idea of pope beer.;-)

1.Soap pope on a rope:

A classic staple in any household is the iconic soap pope on a rope! I was bummed out when my old soap resigned, thank god the arizona cardinals helped me pick a new one! 
My vagina thanks you!

 What are your thoughts on the new pope? 
Excited or could give two shits? sound off in the comments!


  1. I'd be delighted to receive ANY of these as a stocking stuffer this Christmas! :)

    1. I'm on it! lol....send me your address and I totally will.:-)