Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 10 Best 80's Songs About Masturbation!

Happy Valentine's Day Bitches!!!! 

Today is all about love love love and all that bullshit but what I noticed is that it's the only holiday that blatantly singles out well...single people. Just because you are single doesn't mean you couldn't have a little self love fun and according to this list, sometimes self love is all one needs in this world! So light up those candles,turn on some slow jams and Enjoy The 10 Best 80's Songs About Masturbation!


Nerdychick :-)

10.Berlin "Sex (I'm a Man)"  (1983)

9.Billy Squire "The Stroke" (1980)

8.Billy Idol "Dancing With Myself" (1981)

7.The Vapors "Turning Japanese" (1980)

6.New Order "The Perfect Kiss" (1985) 

5. The Cure "Close to Me" (1985) 

4.Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun" (1983) 

3.Oingo Boingo "Good For Your Soul" (1983)
I couldn't find a music video, so this live version from 1990 will do just fine.:-)

2.Madonna "Into the Groove"  (1985)

1.Cyndi Lauper "She Bop" (1983)

What do you think of my list? Agree or Disagree? 
What are your favorite 80's songs about self love? 
Sound off in the comments below! xoxoxoxox


  1. I ADORE "Sex: I'm a..." but it's not about masturbation. I know the man who wrote it:John Crawford. He's a friend of mine, and I interviewed him years ago, during which we talked about this wonderful, amazing song. What it's actually about is the complexity of being a woman, especially when it involves a woman being sexual with her man. In a nutshell, the message is that during the act of sex, a man doesn't change his identity to his partner:he is always just a man. Nothing more or less. However, it's a completely DIFFERENT matter for a WOMAN:she becomes whatever her sexual partner needs her to be in order for him to mentally go to that "special place" he must get to in order to sexually perform. Depending on how sexually enlightened/experienced/intuitive the woman is, she can transform into any number of things to please her man: a little child, a sexual tease, a slut, a bitch, a geisha, etc. Whatever it takes, she has that magical ability, that GIFT that VERY FEW men ever strive for, much less attain, and that is a uniquely FEMININE quality that women should rightly be PROUD of!

    1. I didn't know you John Crawford! I absolutely love him and Berlin! The funny thing is that this song almost didn't make the cut, but I was sure that it was about what I thought it was about...oh well...I still like the song anyway, but now I gotta find a replacement, damn you Shirley! lol j/k.
      Thank you for the wonderful insight. :-)