Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Hidden Brilliance of Drew Monson.

Normally I don't listen to many new artists, since at 34 years old I am basically an old fart and all new music sucks big donkey balls.
But, I am proud to announce that youtube star Drew Monson does not suck big donkey balls.
He is, in fact, incredibly talented, and if you are not listening to his music than you are missing out.
I remember I found him via Shane Dawson's channel, and I thought he was funny, but I always had a feeling that there was more to him then he let on.
So I started watching his channels ( his main one and a music channel with all his original music and covers) and I never realized how honest he was about his life, which is pretty refreshing for a youtube personality.
Sometimes his videos were a burst of sunshine and love and other times I found myself crying when he was talking about his struggles with depression. No matter what he was doing or talking about in his videos, he has always stayed true to himself and I have nothing but respect for that.
It's hard that we live in an age where are whole lives are dictated by the glossy falsities of social media.
This world does not like messy, it does not like real, it does not like us to just be our fucking selves. That is why Drew Monson is truly special in that way. He goes against all that, and just posts whatever songs or videos he wants.
I love the fact that you have no idea what you are getting with him.
You don't know if he will say something incredibly funny, something that makes you think, or something that makes your heart ache.
This is what makes not only him brilliant, but his music as well.  

xoxoxox----- Nerdychick.

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