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The Top 5 Thanksgiving Specials of All Time

I am 95%  sure this is authentic attire....

With Thanksgiving just 3 days away (the 27th people!!) I thought I would take this moment and highlight some of my favorite t.v. specials from this glorious holiday were we raped and pillaged from the Indians, and every year we celebrate with a turkey and yams....or something like that, I really didn't pay attention in history class.....Any who, when your done binge eating here are my top five picks for your viewing pleasure! 



The Top 5 Thanksgiving Specials of All Time.

5. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

This special focuses on Charlie Brown and basically how much everyone hates him.
The whole gang invites themselves over for thanksgiving, even though he tells them he is going over to his grandma's house. Yes, his friends are dicks.
 Who needs enemies when you have friends like Charlie browns?! lol

4.The Mouse on the Mayflower (1968)

One of the few Rankin and Bass specials that was not done in questionable stop motion animation,
and actually one of there better ones. While the story of the first Thanksgiving might be a little cringe worthy for the jaded mofos out there, It is told through the eyes of a mouse, which is smart and basically means the writers have zero accountability for actual facts, plus mice are just so fucking cute!

3. Garfield's Thanksgiving

Disclaimer: For legal reasons (damn you copyright laws and the people who enforce them!) I cannot find anywhere on youtube a full copy of Garfield's Thanksgiving episode.So instead I will show you some lovely still shots from the special,....

If you are STILL having troubles figuring the basic premise, It all centers around John taking Garfield to the vet, and in true horn dog mode, John invites the hot Vet to his house for thanksgiving even though John does not know how too all. Of course John's sassy grandma with a chainsaw comes into play, but you will just have to watch the hilarity ensue on your own so here's a link for part one and part two on Metatube. Enjoy!

2. The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't (1972)

My eyes have truly been opened after watching this special.
It is the story of the first thanksgiving and how a cute little squirrel brings one young pilgrim and an Indian named Little Bear together, to see past there differences and come together on this sacred of days...Thanksgiving. Between the classic cheesy Hannah-Barbara animation, songs that they sing (yay friendship!) and the kooky adventures the two lead kids get into, it's hard to ever believe how history got it so wrong! I don't care what your textbooks say, it was the squirrel who saved thanksgiving dammit!!!

1.The Muppet Show Episode 408: Arlo Guthrie (1978)

As a longtime devoted fan of The Muppets It is safe to say that this is one of my favorite Thanksgiving Moments from television. Sadly, this episode is from season four and since it is not available to the fans on dvd the only way to even watch this right now is through youtube (video above) or if you are lucky to find a copy of this episode on The Very Best of the Muppet Show Volume 2, but that was made for the uk only, good luck with that. My hope is one day the fucktards at disney will release the rest of the seasons for the fans, and stop postponing it's release!!  On another note, Enjoy what I consider classic muppets, go make a bobby sandwich and Enjoy your thanksgiving like any good mother fucking christian!


I hope this list has been helpful in killing at least 5-10 minutes of your precious time, My sincere wish for you on this thanksgiving is to hug your family, gorge on food, kiss a native american and apologize by saying "My Bad!" and Enjoy your family by ignoring them while you get ready for black selfish pricks.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!!



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