Monday, May 20, 2013

What the fuck happened to music? ( A rant)

Call me jaded, old fashioned, whatever the fuck you want I don't care, but the more I listen to the radio and what the record companies have to offer the general masses the more I start to long for the old days, when artists were allowed to just create and the execs were just the money. Sure there were plenty of struggles to get your voice heard than but it seems the past 10 years or so it has gotten more manufactured, more dubstep, more bullshit.

I truly feel the 90's created the last great crop of artists, and I feel so sad for the fact that music on a whole seems to be dying or at least selling it's soul, what does the future hold for my kids and generations to come? 

Of course every generation has their shit music, that is just part of the routine, but it seems in 2013 that the shit music has taken over and the thinkers, thought provokers, more experimental has gone underground again and is basically non-existent on the top 40 radio. 

What are the record companies so afraid of? For someone to actually be moved, or god forbid even learn something about themselves? Besides artists like Adele (which is a brit so she really doesn't count since Americans tend to like British music far better than our own, even when they copy it verbatim ) Is money really that more important than an artists integrity?

What are thoughts? Do you feel the industry is dying as we know it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


  1. Love your blog...I found it while making one up for my little business (vintage, retro, pin up, rockabilly clothing)..and I couldn't stop reading! Hope you don't mind but I added it to the blog so I can keep reading =)


    1. Aw thanks sweet Jane! I have way too much fun here. lol I love pretty much anything vintage, I will have to check out your site and add you to my list. xoxoxox

  2. Fuck me dead I totally agree. Why isn't there thousands of people on here agreeing???