Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lady Gaga's Dad Joe Germanotta throws shade on twitter instead of getting his restaurant up to code! (Allegedly)

On June 19th, news started circulating around the internet that Joe Germanotta's restaurant had been down graded from an A to a B by the health inspector. And according to Papa G it was all over a moldy potato and an ice cream scoop's his bizarre rant on twitter:

Than like all good businessman he decided to list some of the violations that his resturant encountered to his 50,000 + followers! If you are trying to save your restaurant who does that? lol

 Now I honestly do not know just exactly how many violations he did receive but according to the website for the Nyc.Gov Health inspector the minimum amount of violations you have to get is 14 up to 27 to get a B rating, so lord only knows how bad it really was.I have worked in restaurants myself for many years and I can tell you from first hand experience that you have to really be a fucking slacker in order to get anything less than A. When you run a restaurant it is your job to make sure EVERYTHING is up to code. If my kitchen was a disaster at home do you really think I would be feeding people in it? Hell no! I seriously doubt they downgraded him just because of a moldy potato and an ice cream scoop, but if you don't even have a sink for employees to wash their hands and only for washing food (which he admitted and it is a big deal!) than I can only imagine what he didn't say on twitter was also going on.

Now let me remind you that this is not Joe Germanotta's first time pissing off the health inspector. Remember when Joanne's Opened in the first place all the violations he had back then in August when he received a staggering 42 violations, which brought it down to a C and sadly some of these violations are still issues!
I mean c'mon Joe, you still cannot fix these things after how long you have been open?!

Seriously who do you think you are? Do you think since your daughter is a big celebrity that you are immune to running a sanitary restaurant? So what if the health inspectors demands seem stupid to you, that is still what they you to fix or they can shut your shit down. I am baffled as to why he does not take this seriously.

So of course after seeing his ridiculous tangent (which there is way more of on his account @germanottajoe, he even puts the phone numbers of the health inspector and others on his twitter,where he was asking followers to call and basically bully them, which is a big violation of twitter and could probably slap him with a lawsuit of some sort.) I had to call him out on the obvious:

I then went on to mention the 59 reviews on yelp, with an average rating for two stars for his restaurant I went onto ask this:

and here's all the hilarity that ensued:

Wait what?! Did Mister G just throw some shade? Hmm....did @MDNAFACTS and I hit a nerve? 
We must have pissed him off enough to actually respond back, so I guess this means only one thing: 
Either his restaurant must be fucking spotless or he honestly does not really give two shits about his family business failing since his daughter will be able to help him start all over again after ARTPOP comes out (sometime in 2035, who knows really...) 

The thing is yes I instigated it, but the one big thing that truly bothers me about the germanotta's and gaga is when people do not take accountability for their own terrible choices and like to pass the blame game onto somebody else. This is the sad reality of society right now, it's always somebody else's fault, and they are all just bullies. God forbid that for the first time in your life that this family admit to their mistakes, cause trust me I have a long laundry list of things that Gaga has said or done that she has not once taken accountability for, and now we can all see where she learned this from. Like father like daughter I guess....

My wish for Joe Germanotta and his family is this: Learn, Grow, and stop trying to feel the world owes you anything, since it doesn't owe you shit. It is your fault and your fault alone that this restaurant is failing, you made your moldy potato not washing your hands bed now  fucking lay in it! You are not immune to any of the struggles that many of us go through on a daily basis, so get off your soapbox, stop mooching off your daughter and her success and  become a better human being by learning from this experience, moving on and saving Joanne' that too much to ask? 


UPDATE: My good friend's at Paws Down Little Monsters did an excellent story about the hypocrisy of his actions to encourage his 50,000+ followers to bully the DOH about their inspection when his family (and his daughter) are supposed to be against bullying!
 Pot I would like you to meet kettle! lol.
Check out the story here:

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  1. Very nicely written. In all fairness, city bureaucrats can be very rigid, thus setting many up to fail. But yes, I agree that he does seem to have a false sense of entitlement.

  2. Thanks Miss Stef! I am sure that NYC is a very hard place to keep your business up and running especially with all the ridiculous policy's they try to instill on companies there, however like you said he truly does have a false sense of entitlement and needs to have a serious reality check (plus, stop running every business he has had into the damn ground) and how hypocritical is it to have 50,000+ fans bully these people when your daughter and your family is supposed to be against bullying! lol