Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Season 3 X Factor: God it's gonna suck without Britney Spears!

While auditions for season 3 are underway I wanted to take the time and grieve the loss of one of the more entertaining judges on that show, Miss Britney Spears! Sadly she will not returning since I guess a new album and a maybe gig in vegas is more desirable than sitting next to demi lovato pretend to know what the hell she is talking about.I know Simon tried to blame her for the ratings but let's face it, this show is sinking faster than the titanic and I truly believe that it was not Britney's fault.With that said here are some of the best facial reactions from Britney on The X Factor in animated gif form! Enjoy!

P.S. Who would you want to see as a new judge this season? Are you going to even watch this terrible show? 
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  1. I love Britney's facial expressions but that show is a train wreck