Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hip Surgery: Why Lady Gaga is a Lying Piece of Shit.

I have been trying to avoid talking about the topic of Lady Gaga for awhile on this blog but the shit she has been pulling recently truly bothers me and I am shocked nobody is calling out her bullshit! 
In February Lady Gaga had surgery for an acute labral tear on her right hip.Now like everybody else I wanted to give her the benefit of doubt of really being hurt but the more I research about labral tears in the hip the more I seriously question that anything is actually wrong with her. Here are the facts:

What is a Labral Tear? 

According to * (who have not treated gaga)

"There are two general types of hip labral tears: degenerative tears and traumatic injuries.
A degenerative tear is a chronic injury that occurs as a result of repetitive use and activity. Degenerative labral tears can be seen in the early stages of hip arthritis.
A traumatic hip labral tear is usually an acute injuryas a result of a sports injury, fall, or accident. Hip labral tears can be seen in association with episodes of hip dislocation or subluxation. They are commonly associated with sudden, twisting maneuvers that cause immediate pain in the hip."

Now Gaga and her staff have gone on record saying she had an acute injury, which makes sense since that is the most common one for athletes and active people, and with all the "dancing" Gaga does on tour it makes sense.Okay, so let's assume that Gaga did in fact have acute labral tear of her right hip, let's now look at the surgery options available for somebody with that injury.

How do I treat a Labral Tear?
According to
"The treatment of hip labral tears is evolving quite quickly. Only a few years ago this injury was rarely recognized. Now it is becoming increasingly common to hear of athletes having their "hip scoped" to have their labral tear treated.
In general, the treatment of a hip labral tear usually starts off with some simple steps. Typical early treatments of a hip labral tear include:
  • Rest
    The torn labrum in the hip can cause inflammation around the joint. Allowing the inflammation to settle down may alleviate the symptoms of the labral tear and allow return to activities.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Medications
    Anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful in diminishing some of the inflammation in the joint. If the inflammation subsides, the symptoms may resolve.
  • Physical Therapy
    Physical therapists can use various techniques to improve hip function by strengthening and balancing the muscles around the hip joint.
  • Cortisone Injection
    A cortisone injection is useful not only as a treatment of the labral tear, but it can also be performed at the same time as a diagnostic injection the help determine the cause of the hip pain."
Now here's the thing,
 Gaga said her pain was excruciating and said it was hard to even walk, which means her tear would be in an avanced stage, so here's what they say in regards to that:
"If these treatments fail to alleviate the pain associated with a hip labral tear, a hip arthroscopy procedure may be considered. During a hip arthroscopy, your surgeon places a small camera into the hip joint to see the labral tear. Your surgeon can also evaluate the cartilage of the joint, important ligaments, and other structures.
Treatment of the labral tear usually consists of shaving out the torn portion of the labrum. In some larger tears, located in an accessible area of the joint, a repair of the labrum may be attempted. Recovery from a hip arthroscopy depends on the extent of work that needs to be completed, but usually lasts 6 to 12 weeks."

Okay, so hip arthroscopy might be the surgery Lady Gaga had. She could have had an open hip surgery but I honestly doubt her doctor would recommend that for this reason: 
It's more evasive, painful, and a very major surgery which requires 3-4 months (or longer) to recover from, which for Gaga to wait that long to do anything especially with a new album coming out this summer (supposedly) is like a death sentence  so I highly doubt her high paid doctor would recommend that choice, since most doctors always try to pick the procedure which is faster and easier to do, but like I said I can only speculate on that since obviously I do not know what really happened, but the less evasive surgery just makes more sense to me, even with it being a relativly newer procedure and with some low complications (like any surgery) it is still a better procedure than the open hip.
Now let's say she did in fact get the hip arthroscopy done, than let's look at the recovery process of this surgery and the example  timeline that offers:

Sample Hip Arthroscopy Rehabilitation Protocol

  • Phase I - Initial phase

Goal: Regain range of motion within tolerance, decrease pain and swelling, neutralize muscle atrophy
    Day of surgery:
    • Isometric gluteal sets
    • Ankle pumps
    • Heel slides

    Post-operative days 1-7:

    • Weight bearing with crutches
    • Isometric quadriceps, gluteals, hamstrings, adductors, and abductors
    • Active assist range of motion all planes
    • Hip mobilization and gentle joint distraction techniques
    • Closed chain bridging, balance drills

    Roughly almost three weeks after surgery gaga starts showing up in this:

    Now why would she show up almost three weeks after surgery in a wheelchair when she should technically be using crutches at 1-7 Days?
    Even if she did have the other kind of surgery open hip labral, which is a longer recovery process she STILL would not be in a wheelchair since according to 
    Insall Scott Institute for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (who has not worked with lady gaga) While in the hospital they within days get patients using a walker or crutches since complications can occur if you don't get them up and about.
    Phase II - Intermediate phase
    Goal: Regain and build muscle strength, focus on symmetry/core strength

    Post-operative weeks 2-3:
    • Wean crutches and normalize gait pattern
    • Increase range of motion limits
    • Gentle progressive resistive exercises
    • Closed chain single leg bridging
    • Open chain hip 4-way
    • Mobilization with movement
    • Proprioceptive/balance work
    • Stationary bike/aqua therapy

    Phase III - Advanced phase

    Goal: Improve functional strength and endurance, core strength & stability

    Post-operative weeks 4-6:
    • Continue flexibility exercises
    • Progressively increase resistive and functional strengthening exercises
    • Initiate sport specific exercises
    • Gradual return to sport

    Note: Weight bearing may be limited after some surgical procedures with a hip arthroscopy, including:
    • Labral repair
    • Iliopsoas release
    • Microfracture
    • Capsulorraphy

    Now at 4-6 weeks she be able to walk about right? Well here's Gaga   at six weeks going to a strip club with boyfriend Taylor Kinney:

    yep....still in the wheelchair for some reason....
     Even at 2-3 weeks she should still be walking, since anybody who had surgery knows that sitting is the worst thing you can do, since blood clots and other complications can occur.
    Now I will play devils advocate and speculate what if she would have had the other surgery. 

    Would she still be in a wheelchair if she had open hip surgery?
    Here's what *Insall Scott Institute for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine   Says about that on their website:
    "Expect to begin range of motion and walking exercises within two days of surgery. You should not remain sedentary because you run the risk of developing blood clots and bedsores. Your physician usually refers you to a physical therapist who can help you learn to walk after surgery. This usually takes three to six weeks."
    Okay now here is a pic of Lady Gaga from a day ago finally walking into a bikram yoga class like a normal human being:
    But wait a minute, here's a video of her leaving her yoga class just a day or so later in...a wheelchair?
    No matter what kind of surgery she had if being in a wheelchair is bad for you than why the hell would she do this? Why not crutches or a walker? In regards to her recovery process it makes no sense whatsoever. Even if she was tired, crutches or a walker are a better option than a wheelchair at this point. 
    What is really going on Gaga?!
    Ladies and Gentleman this is what happens when you cannot sell out your last shows, you write 50 songs that interscope does not like and now you have to do PR damage control by creating a fake hip ailment so people will feel sorry for you and be on your side for when ARTPOP finally comes out, whenever that is.
    Personally her actions do not coincide with someone who is truly recovering from surgery, which just makes me believe that the only thing she suffers from might be low ticket sales, her popularity waning, Interscope pushing back ARTPOP.
    Lady gaga is nothing more than a diva with a seriously bruised ego and using a disabilty to garner sympathy is pretty low...even for Gaga.
    You might have the general masses convinced but I can see through your bullshit, I just hope your fans start to wake up as well and realize how much their kindness and love are being taken advantage of, which in my opinion is one of the worst things you can do to someone....But I would not expect anything less from lady gaga.

    *Note: and Insall Scott Institute for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine have never treated Lady Gaga, I just used their information as a reference.xoxox*

    What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments below! xoxox

    Update:Wow! Thank you guys for the overwhelming response to this article! Instead of answering all of your questions in the comments section (which would take the time I honestly don't have.) I am just going to try and answer the biggest question right now:

    "Lady Gaga does not have a labral tear, she had open hip surgery, which is more intrusive, hence the wheelchair for so long." 

    A:Okay first of all, Lady Gaga herself is the one who said she had a labral tear:, But cut to a year later and she changed her story to open hip surgery: 

    Why? To gain even more sympathy maybe, but the reality is if she is going to lie at least make it a little bit more convincing. Here's why she should have stuck to the first story. Anybody who has ever had to have surgery on their hip (like many of you guys apparently have on the comments section, who knew there were so many little monsters with tears in their hip.) Would tell you even with drugs how much pain you are in, let alone how limited you would be to walk around and do a show shortly before you have "surgery", like this video up above.:-)

    Honestly it would be more convincing to a "hater" like me if she would have had a labral tear since I would have been able to buy her doing the full show since the pain would have sucked but not been as bad as it is with a real hip issue. You guys see what I am saying? There is no way in hell she could have hidden the pain, let along walking around doing an entire show when you need to have REAL hip surgery. She must have one hell of a threshold for pain!!  

    My suggestion for all you guys is to be careful with what celebrities say, don't take everything at face value and always question everything! There are many artists in the music industry who will try to pull the wool over your eyes, but just know that not everything they say is true. It is all about protecting the brand, and Lady Gaga has never been an exception. So have fun listening to that new horrible album "Artpop" and enjoying that low budget edm tour! Her popularity is weaning so don't expect to for me to mention her in any future articles, I don't have time for has beens.xoxoxoxox



    1. Holy crap, THANK you for posting this! Obviously Haha's team has yet to discover that medical treatments have advanced since 1985 - you are no longer confined to bed rest for months as the physio usually starts the very next day. A coworker of mine had hip surgery in January - he uses a cane. Not ONCE was he in a wheelchair.

      And I'll tell you one thing right now: when you're hurt, you don't give a flying f*ck about anything but getting back to normal...and no, that would NOT include wearing sky high heels!!

      The woman is an absolute embarrassment >:(

      1. Exactly! My uncle went through a similar surgery so I knew she was full of shit I just had to gather some more evidence.
        Plus anybody has had surgery of any kind (major or small) knows that the worst thing you can do is sit around. Even an hour or so after giving birth (three separate times.) they made sure I was up and about since blood clots are a big deal and they wanted to make sure everything was working okay.

        Oh yeah, Another thing I forgot to mention was how come we never saw her go to follow up appointments after her surgery? You would most likely see your doctor a couple of times already since they would want to make sure everything is okay.

        God, She is totally embarrassing!lol

        Thanks for reading Lady A! xoxo

    2. I will admit to being a conspiracy theorist as a hobby, but even so, I don't even have to do my usual stretching with this one. It simply smacks of a cover story for a canceled tour. I mean, people with hip and knee replacements often are up and walking the same day. Even the clothes she is wearing, some pictures of lacy tights. Do you wear that kind of shit over a healing incision? I wouldn't.

      I can't stand this bitch, she's so fake. If she wanted a credible injury, based on seeing videos of her dancing, it would have been more plausible to claim she dislocated her shoulder from all that arm dancing.

      Thanks for posting this. Facts to back up what everyone is thinking.

      1. No problem! I love conspiracy theories as well, but this however is just common sense. Obviously she is in no real pain and never was. Plus the kind of injury she had is impossible to hide if you are in huge amounts of pain (which she said she was.)

        I just hate people who lie, cheat & who take advantage of the sympathy of others. I feel gaga's fans deserve a real answer to what is really going on.

        Thanks for reading!
        Anything you ladies ever want me to research and write an article about let me know. Thank you for reading! xoxox

      2. How can it be a cover story for a canceled tour to suggest this you'd need to look at the tour dates, 2 shows at Madison square garden does not suggest that she was unable to sell tickets. The very fact that Live Nation said they lost almost 1 million in refunds to ticket holders. Secondly... Who wheres meat to an award show?? Its Lady Gaga when has anyone been able to explain why she wears what she wears. Usual with you conspiracy theorists, all guessing and no logic.

      3. If you've never had a labral tear of hip surgery, you have no idea what you're talking about.

        After a labral repair surgery, you don't get up and walk around immediately (depending on scope this varies of course). The recovery process for a hip replacement and childbirth for that matter dictate far faster "up and about"... anyway, advice to you all is learn more and spend less time judging from a distance.

      4. Agreed. I am recovering from my second surgery. Just had it done yesterday. If someone would push me in a chair, mann. I guarantee her doctor doesn't want her doing that and wants her moving it braced and 50% bearing weight. Now i can say this. Recovering and injured there are low moments of pain or excruciating moments of pain. Haters gonna hate i guess.

      5. I agree 100% with Derek B and Sweets. I had this surgery by an amazing orthopedic surgeon. Only after 2 1/2 years of a dozen doctors not knowing why I couldn't walk, sit or stand. My orthopedic surgeon ran three painful tests and repaired a torn labrum, impingement and had to shave down bone spurs. I will always have to be careful and be aware that it's been repaired. If I were to feel any pain to back off what ever pained me and know my limits. So for those of you that haven't experienced this type of injury and/or pain, STOP JUDGING and BE THANKFUL YOU HAVEN'T.

    3. Considering all the money Gaga, LiveNation, and everyone else involved would've lost, I find it hard to believe that they would have cancelled the tour due to low ticket sales. The entire Asian, Oceanic, European, and African (or lack there of) dates sold out. The NA leg had sold out 7 shows and the others had limited availability left (85%-99.99%). The remaining shows all had limited availability at the time of the cancellation.

      Now on the physical aspect,

      I think Gaga + her team would be smart enough to research the injury they would be "faking" before they had her fake it. They would make sure everything about the recovery would match up with the average case of a hip labral tear. If they didn't, people would assume she was faking (see above). They would only have her in the wheelchair if she needed to be in the wheelchair. Otherwise there would be huge backlash and uproar among the public & Gaga's fanbase (Which there already was which is another bad reason to cancel the tour).

      I do not know much about the injury itself, but I know that Gaga's team would not let something like this come back to bite her more than it has/has to.

    4. my dear! this kinda shows are designed to raise as much money as possible. Just in case you did´t read about it, in latin america, gaga wss forced to take borow the frame structures of MDNA tour to build inside her own, which means the castle structure wasn´t brought since the shipping is expensive and gaga´s team feared the shows were not economically efficient enough to paid for that. That was the the beggining of the end. In Latin and Central America people prefered to buy tickets to Madonna´s tour -who would be performing a few weeks before Gaga- instead. Gaga´s tour was only sold-out in those countries were Madonna did not performed like Africa, for exmple. Now, I guess you start to have a picture of how the story goes... Even gaga´s new album has been delaied after having announced it´s name almost a year ago and not beacuse she cnnot sing while taking on a wheel cahir (haha) but becoause, once again, producers feras gaga´s harp popularity decreasing will not set the record in the top ten list were she has always ment to be, by the way. I hope this can somehow help you clear out some of the hip surgery thing A.K.A. poor tickets sellings.

    5. I'm glad you wrote something! I've had a hand full of hip surgeries. First in 2008, for an acute labral tear (also in my right hip). I was on crutches the whole time (3 weeks). Doctors would not recommend wheelchairs because of muscle loss (atrophy)and blood clots because a main artery runs through the hips and it prone to getting clots, especially during long periods of rest (surgery). I had another hip arthroscopic surgery in 2011 in my right hip again for a condition called FAI (type CAM). My doctor shaved the bone, fixed two severe tears, fixed cartilage damage and tightened my hip capsule. I was again, on crutches for 3 weeks, and was immediately suppose to start putting weight (slowly) on the post-surgery hip. This same surgery happened again to my left hip, I had the surgery May 2013. Same story, crutches, etc...I believe she is just trying to get as much attention as possible. I also thought it was bull that it was considered an "emergency procedure." I again, somehow tore my labrum in my right hip again and will need another surgery for reconstruction. I wont be having that surgery for another year. It's not an emergency. Even though my surgeries were more significant than Gaga's, I was still using crutches and putting weight on the leg after every surgery I have had. I even started walking after 2 weeks after my left hip surgery. She just wants "poor little ol' me." I'm sure people who have it worse than me are just as, if not more puzzled than i am!

      1. I've had 5 hip surgeries. Using a wheelchair when you are out and might be waking long distances is completely reasonable.

      2. *walking
        Also-her hip was actually broken. THAT makes it an emergency.

      3. But that is all about you-not her. This is her recovery, not yours.

      4. Let's not forget sitting comfort. The chairs she used had cushioned seats it may be more comfortable to sit in where she was going. Not to mention they were pimp

      5. Let's not forget sitting comfort. The chairs she used had cushioned seats it may be more comfortable to sit in where she was going. Not to mention they were pimp

    6. I'm coming from a different place than you are. I LOVE Gaga and admire her brilliance. Lady Gaga and Madonna have intellectual GENIUS in common. Gaga may have a few more skills; Madonna may have bigger balls but they are similar in their SUPER-ASSERTIVE manner of dealing with the world around them.

      I want to help you understand something ... while you are highly opinionated, you are still naive and not yet aware of PEOPLE - what people are about and how they differ. I learned this at an early age since I never lived anywhere near that "normal curve" that people use to quickly catagorize others. I never understood why most people are uncomfortable with others who do not share their characteristics, their beliefs, their goals, their likes, dislikes, etc.

      You immediately catagorized Gaga's injury, a labial tear, and assumed all labial tears are the same and can be treated the same way. Injuries and medical conditions differ as much as people differ. One type of surgery which may heal your labial tear may be worthless for my labial tear. I have been the route with doctors who insist their treatment will be the best for me, even when I tell them that same treatment has never worked for me before.

      I will excuse myself for saying this ahead of time because it's not a reason to discredit a person's opinion, but here it is ... YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR. This does not mesn your opinion can never be correct or that you must take a doctor's word as gospel while disregarding your own ideas based on your own experiences. The information you have is based on an abbreviated summary given to the public to satisfy it's concern about Lady Gaga's condition. It is nowhere near enough information for a real diagnosis and treatment plan, yet based on this limited information, you determined Gaga didn't need a wheelchair those times she was seen with one. You claim she was dragging out her condition and using it as an excuse for poor ticket sales.

      There are two other pieces of information you ignored. One was that a baseball player who recently had a similar surgery and was still recovering months later, contacted Gaga to give her moral support and tell her not to worry because her recovery would most likely be complete, just as his appeared to be.

      The other piece of information is recent - it relates to Gaga's injury being worse than expected. It seems she wore a hole in her bone and that was a big part of the repair process. As for your concerns about Gaga's use of a wheelchair, who are you to tell anyone when they qualify to take a rest when their body has been overstressed? I once broke my ankle and and had to negotiate a 4th floor walkup apartment. I had to fight with the doctor to "allow me" to use Canadian crutches. What did he know? NOTHING, but all his other patientsa were happy with the wooden crutches that fit under their arms. My recovery was super-fast but I sat in my wheelchair and used it often to get around my apartment. There is a time to rest and a time to work hard. Using a wheelchair allows a person who is compromised a few minutes of rest and comfort between those times of excess exertion like those needed to recover from an injury.

      How can you, from a distsnce, tell a person whether he or she should or should not use a wheelchair whenever he or she feels like it? I walked several miles each evening using my crutches to help speed up my recovery, but if I had to go out to do something like go shopping, I might have taken that wheelchair for my comfort and safety.

      I suggest you pay more attention to the differences among humans instead of trying to fit everyone into a neat slot that may be comfortable for you but unbearable for another who is not you and does not share your experiences or your DNA.

      1. "labial tear" ... LOL dat credibility doe :(

      2. Well said minus the labrum tear typo lol

      3. well, I come from a doctors family and I can tell you the bitch was faking it

      4. I would hate to go to One of your family members then :/

    7. Ive heard this before of how celebrities fake getting a certain surgery to take the attention away from the surgery they got somewhere else...(facial surgery). Its not the first time, a celeb will roll out a hospital with their leg or arm all bandaged up wearing a hat or glasses because they got cosmetic surgery.. sounds crazy but its so true. I don't know why the public believes these celebs who are filthy rich and insecure when they say they haven't had any work done.

    8. Not sure if you have heard or not but the reason she was still in a wheelchair weeks after surgery is because she did not just have a labral tear. She in fact broke her hip, and had she let it go untreated much longer would have undergone a hip replacement. I watched her perform just two weeks before she screamed in pain on stage after doing a specific move and almost collapsing to the ground, and during my show she was not moving around as she was earlier in the tour. I understand the skepticism but being a long term performer myself as well as having been in sports it's quite common to work through an injury and let adrenaline take over. In this case, her photographer is stated to have actually filmed the surgery and it's going in a biographical movie they're making. she also has scars that prove she had microscopic surgery, located low on her right hip.

      That said, I have one other thing for you to consider, and yes I know that you posted this more than likely before the admission that she had a hole the size of a quarter worn in her hip. I tore my Achilles heel in Navy boot camp. I was misdiagnosed with a stress fracture. Was not told to ice. Was not wrapped. Was not on crutches. Was forced (yes, my lawful orders) to do things on it exercising daily that put me through so much pain I tried to argue with my doctor to no avail. Point being: while you may be ABLE to walk on certain injuries or during recovery, having to do so nonstop is quite painful. I guarantee you that she was walking around as well as doing light yoga to help rehab the hip during this time period. However, you must also remember how popular she is and that Monsters STALK her around town. Crowds gather around her. Crutches would be unsafe for her.

      Peace out :)

    9. I totally agree with Jessix and fbb-80b, I am a RN who has had reconstruction of the spine, You cannot judge all injuries and surgery the same. I had to go to the ER four times before they saw that my recent back surgery turned to osteomylitis and had to have emergency surgery with part of my spine replaced with pelvic bone and cement and 4 screws and rods. Even as a nurse, telling them I was sick, they did not believe me, they thought I was "drug seeking", did the CAT scan, saw nothing, gave me a pain shot and sent me home. Osteomylitis does not show up for weeks. I was off of work for 9 months. I also went toxic and into renal failure with the intravenous antibiotic they gave me after the reconstruction surgery, I was in the hospital four times that year. I have never been a big gaga fan, but you have to hand it to her, she has single handedly made herself a star. I give her credit, she is a showman, I can understand this also taking all types of dance for 12 years and dancing professionally for 7 years after I stopped classes. You have to give the audience what they want and come up with new ideas to keep the interest of the people. Lady gaga obvious has mastered this very well, so I take my hat off to her.
      Also, just because you see her in the wheelchair does not mean she was in it 24/7, maybe there was a long walk, or as the other person pointed out, maybe it was for a rest period. When I was ill, I had to use my mother's walker and then I could not even lift it, so my friend had to come and put the wheels on it for me!
      So please do not judge unless you have lived through illness and or trauma and had to recover from it, believe me, it is not all that easy.
      When I read your blog regarding Lady gaga, my first thought was
      "Hate much?" I believe you do, I don't think Lady gaga is going to make up an illness and surgery just because ticket sales are down, I don't think she needs the money, she has plenty.
      So be nice, remember thoughts and actions are "things" and karma just might come back to bite you in the ass, and hopefully for you, I hope it does not take part of your spine with it.

    10. Lol you're citing websites as reference for medical injuries and the time they take to heal. Thats pretty horrible. First of every person is different, for example i was in the hospital for surgery once, and was told i was going to be there for 8 weeks of recovery, I was gone in 6. Some people heal faster then others. Secondly if you have a major injury with a body part you use EVERYDAY in your work, your gonna make sure you take all the extra time you need to heal it. I doubt the average joe with the same injury did it dancing in 8inch heels. And as far as her being wheeled around, shes a CELEBRITY, if I had the money she has, and was injured, i would pay 4 people to carry me around like a Pharaoh. I think you're a Gaga hater, which is fine dont like her music all u want, but to go after someones health as a way to pick at them, thats effing scummy. If it was a plastic surgery thing she was denying having done, sure, speculate away. This is someones health and clearly you have never been injured and considered a faker, because thats one of the worst things that can happen to you.

    11. Wow. Presumptuous and cynical. Lady Gaga has jealous haters imo. A wheelchair for COMFORT on public outings... how ridiculous of her ! I mean really, what normal person would bother spending big money when they can just hobble around (as gracelessly as possible) on a couple of wooden sticks under the arms ?!?!? Us regular folk, we gotsta get us some branches aff a tree out back, but gosh darn, being pushed round in a wheelin' chair shur does soun' nice !!!
      Too bad most of you don't have the money for a golden wheelchair after you've had your 10th abortion.... Just stop hatin' already, put on something sexy, light some candles, play some music and get laid. Maybe you won't be such a bitch about other people's business.
      Oh but what about the unworthy 'love' at stake? Oh my, what ARE we going to do about THAT. (Gaga's fans would still love her even if she had been strongarmed by the big wigs to cancel a tour and fake an injury.) Gaga wouldn't do it. Period. End of story. Do some research on who she is and was as a person, Stephani Germanotta.

    12. Actually, she fractured her hip requiring three screws... She didn't know this until right before her surgery... Please don't say things like this without figuring out the whole story. Here's a link to the real story


    13. Just for your info: That golden wheelchair was an old prop from one of her previous music videos (I think it was "Paparazzi"). So regardless if she needed a wheelchair or not, she might as well drag that one out from whatever basement she kept it in.

      Another thing: The fact that she claims to have tried to keep performing for a month or more before seeking medical help suggests a "repetitive stress injury" type problem, consistent with her tour company's original press release calling it "synovitis". Medically that would classify it as in the autoimmune/arthritis category, not the sudden injury category. This is also consistent with her claiming still to need preventative treatments, just like any other RSI sufferer. I am not saying this is not an act, just which act it is.

    14. I am a wheelchair user who can stand. This is a normal attitude for people who have never had the hand of disability slap them in the face. The reactions I get when I stand to get something or when I go down the elevator to check my mail, I am always being scrutinised and I am not famous except for in my head.
      Yes I will admit I love Gaga and I am a true little monster but obviously I'm reading this because I googled and am curious about Gaga's condition. But I discovered I'm basically doing what people do to me. How unfair is that? Gah!
      I still have my doubts but she works hard and she should be able to rest. It may not have been a labrum tear but it was something and I'm glad she had some rest.
      The heels in the picture are super low for Gaga!! I love wearing heels in my chair because I don't have to wear them but I notice in the wheelchair she has flats because heels in a chair would make her hip in an odd position towards her chest which would cause a lot of discomfort. Gaga is self conscious about her height so the fact she was walking in those tiny heels is abnormal to the max!!
      The rumour about her having had plastic surgery, who the hell cares?? Lots of people do it, why is it such a horrible thing for others to do it? That's kinda hypocritical don't you think? Plus she had a large amount of time exercising doing PT possibly and hot yoga.
      I think this is well written even if I'm not sure that standard dates for surgery may not be the same for everyone. :)

      1. I completely agree with you. I was never a fan of her music and thought she was so contrived and boring, but that has nothing to do with her injury. First of all, she did not break her hip. We actually do not know much about her injury other than her saying she had a labral tear. Now, I had the same surgeon she did for the same injury and I can tell you that I spent 2 years at home in utter agony and was too worried I would be judged for using a wheel chair because it was not serious enough for people. I was miserable, lost my career, social life and sanity. Labral trars are not a 1,2 3 thing so wherever you pulled your magical steps from, maybe WebMD, it is such a juvenile and amateur take on the injury because labral tears do not come alone, they come with friends. I had a CAM impingement, bad IT band and multiple muscle dysfunction and tendonosis from compensating and having an abnormal gait (I limped), and you cant always undue it all. The pain is excrutiating and you cant even sleep at night because your glutes are so distressed the mattress coming in contact will keep you awake. I walked back and froth in my apartment and resorted to sitting on a metal bar from my free weights and balancing on it to get all my weight to the painful areas hoping to release the spastic muscles. You cant lay on your side, when you walk one leg feels shorter than the other, your hip catches and all you want is to go back home. I am someone that worked out all my life, 6 days a week, no pain, no gain. Well I gained injuries and am still paying for them. Had to have a second procedure and discovered other injuries as well, everything goes out of whack. And finally, I can tell you this surgeon is very sought after, he does not take cases unless he is sure you are the right candidate, he does not need business, people fly in from all over the world and beg for an appointment. He would never have performed surgery on her if she did not need it, that part I know. The guy is a straight shooter and quite intelligent and talented, hence everyone wants to see him. He turns away far more people than he actually sees. So that right there let's me know she probably had a serious injury. I don't know what happened with her tour or anything about her, I just watched American Horror Story and she is in it. The season ended and I wanted to see what others thought of her acting and then I wanted to know if she was better because I want to know if I will get better and I stumble across this. I don't really care what this original poster thinks about Gaga but you are not a dr and you sure as hell are not a highly specialized orthopedic surgeon who also sub specializes in hips and does nothing but hips and are at the absolute top of your field, so I think he knows a bit more than you. The way you dismiss people's injuries is the embarrassment and disgrace. You do not know what it is like and what it does to you. It is traumatizing because you cant be your active self, your whole life changes and the whole time you feel like an idiot for not "beating" it. Ive had people tell me, "is it that bad? I mean, you go to the grocery store." Or you were walking when I saw you. Yeah? were you there the 9 days in a row I did not leave my apartment and couldn't get into the tub? Or where you there when I was counting seconds for the pain to stop? Or when you find you cant pay your bills because you cant work anymore? No! so shut up with your pseudo medical knowledge and stick to the topic, you don't like gaga, who cares! Why slam everyone struggling with this? Maybe if you spend more time exercising than typing about "medicine" you would know what can happen. You work hard at denigrating people while their hard work broke their bodies down. And yes, people need wheelchairs. All you idiots that judge and want to be sure the person is totally paralyzed or how dare they, need to get your head examined and heart, because both are missing.

    15. I think this is well written even if I'm not sure that standard dates for surgery may not be the same for everyone. :)

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    18. ASSHAT.

      I had a hip scope done in Feb. to repair an injured labrum. It was technically a success, the repair was completed. Yet I was in the hospital for 3 days. I was using a walker, with NO weight bearing for weeks. Those were the Protocol from the University of Michigan. But there is no way someone would not still be having a slight limp, or be using some other gait tool to help with pain and/or balance 8-10 weeks out. Mine has gotten worse just to say that I will be having a total hip replacement in 2 weeks. But the hip may have definitely been worse than my shoulder labral tear scope repair 2 years ago. Some of you should have some of these surgeries yourselves to really understand.

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    20. FYI- I had the same surgery. Everyone has different pain levels,other health issues,as well as a challenge in walking distances with crutches. With everyone healing differences and weight restrictions. That would probably explain the wheelchairs. I use wheelchairs and mart carts depending on what I can tolerate.

    21. Oh my. You have no idea! This surgery is no joke. The rehab is slow and complicated and can vary from 4-12 months depending on the patient. It's rife with compensatory injuries brought from prior to surgery and ones that are common post surgically. Don't let the fact that it's arthroscopic fool you. It's not like other joints. The hip is the deepest joint, and needs to be partially dislocated to make the repairs. Depending on the work done on the labrum and surrounding bones and cartlidge, one can be required to be on crutches much longer than what you have shared. Your shared protocol is the best case scenario, and more often recovery is much, much longer. Hip surgery of any kind of not for wimps.

    22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    23. Judging other people's pain and experience especially from what you read and infer is not relevant. Given that the whole point is criticism, not only is there no value in it, it's destructive.

    24. I had a lip labral tear done two days ago. I had an extremely advanced tear that required three anchors into the bone to hold things together.

      I'll probably be on crutches for 6-8 weeks with very limited weight beating. I can't even start physio for weeks let alone the days that some people are able to achieve.

      Then they said the use of my crutches or cane might be necessary even after the 8 weeks because physio will cause me pain and inflammation. But if I could pull a Gaga and go out in a wheelchair so I could actually leave my house sooner - I would too.

    25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    26. As a guy who`s had a total hip replacement (as in surgery) at the ripe old age of 28 - I`d have to agree with this article for multiple reasons : 1) from my own personal experience - simply avoiding to walk when you`re recovering from this kind of injury is only going to make the recovery go SLOWER and harder because while you`re avoiding to walk - with the crutches, your muscles WILL atrophy. There is no going arownd that - I literally had my physical therapist mesure my thighs and he`s shown me point blank that post-surgeory my left thigh (left hip was replaced) was skinnier than my right thigh. This was despite me doing physical therapy exercises DAILY till the operation just to keep my thigh muscles in shape so I`d have a easier time recovering post-op. 2) its ben told to me by multiple specialists that WALKING is a MUST for recovery, there is no going arrownd it, if you want to recover from this kind of thing you must walk with crutches untill your doctor gives you the OK to drop the crutches. Who exactly has confirmed this you may ask ? My rheumatologist, my orthophedist, and like 3-4 physical therapists(I`ve talked to a LOT of people regarding this problem of mine) that in order to ensure I`d recover fully and avoid fucked up post-op complications (like a blood cloth that can lead to SERIOUS problems ... you know like DIEING ? - granted the chances of this happening are verry low but who wouldnt play it safe with this kind of thing no matter the odds?)that I have to walk arownd, pacing myself of course but beeing a bit active is a HUGE aid. So I say to the person who wrote this article : dont take to heart the negative feedback from uninformed people (I mean idiots) or simple internet trolls, keep posting quality stuff and rock on. Ps my grammar may not be stellar but that doesnt cheapen my feedback. All the best :)

    27. I just had labral repair done on my right hip 4 weeks ago. Doc said I could immediately put weight on the leg (with crutches) because I didn't have a bone fracture or anything shaved off the bone that might weaken or compromise it. If Gaga indeed had the broken hip, they would want her off the hip more during her 1st 4 weeks bc the bone is very weak. I was on crutches, weight bearing, for 3 weeks, and am still no where near 100%. This was a brutal surgery and shame on those that judge from afar. She's an entertainer, and if rolling around in a gold wheelchair is her idea of keeping the fans entertained, so be it. I mean, would we be having this conversation if she was hobbling on a pair of boring crutches?

    28. A recent post triggered an email to my account.

      So here's a post from someone who had an advanced near 100% labral tear from a sports injury. I had arthroscopic surgery 3.5 months ago. I'm 25 and I'm excellent health otherwise.

      I was on crutches for 6 WEEKS. I spent 4 WEEKS completely non-weight bearing. I spent nearly 90% of this time laying in bed and was restricted for sitting. After the 6 weeks, I was able to walk very short distances and very unstably for up to 200 meters. I was only cleared for regular activity including unlimited waking and standing at my 3 MONTH mark. Guess what? I still struggle some days.

      As far as I'm concurred, advanced tears are significantly worse in terms of recovery than a total hip replacement. With hip replacements you are often able to weightbare within days.

    29. So let me get this straight, u got ur information from the internet, hmmm that sounds credible, but wait u don't know Gaga personally either, hmmm so u don't know the full story, hmmm waste of a life

    30. Wow. This is absolutely ridiculous. Labrum repair is a very long and usually very rough recovery. I'm nine months out from a repair with a few anchors and I'm not even fully recovered at this point. I was on crutches for about six weeks--three of them non weight bearing, and it was about three months before I could walk more than very short distances. And for those comparing it to a hip replacement, that is generally a much easier recovery which allows for immediate weight bearingI find it very weird that you even wrote this.