Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Alicia Keys,

Like most american's I have heard the national anthem sung a millions times over by many different artists from many different walks of life (Heck,I even sang it myself at a school assembly in high school.).
But out of all the different variations of this american classic, I would have to say with the utmost certainty that yours was by far in my opinion one of the most moving renditions I have ever heard.
Marvin Gaye and now yours have become for me what america should be about; love,peace, heartache and pride. For the first time ever I wasn't just listening to the national anthem, I was feeling it and I was living it.
Thank you for bringing heart,class and sophistication to what is considered one of the greatest poems ever written. I am sorry to all the judgmental people in this world who missed the nuances of what you were saying and the love that you were spreading.Maybe for the first time in their lives they actually felt something hearing this anthem too, maybe they were not sure what to do with these new found emotions. As Americans we have become so desensitized with movies, music and news that when somebody actually sings from their heart we do not understand how to register that, god forbid we actually open our hearts a little bit for just 2 minutes out of  our lives, god forbid we actually care, god forbid we actually feel pride in our country.

I hope this will not hinder you from doing what you have always been good at doing, which is speak your emotional truth through your music. I have always loved that no matter what awards show or special event it is that you perform at, you are not afraid to always sing from your heart, there are not many artists I can say that about.So thank you Alicia Keys for being a wonderful force of nature and bringing honest emotion and sincerity to an otherwise shallow event; You are the epitome of everything that is right with this country.

Lara B.

To My Fellow American's,

I have never been so ashamed to say that I am an american right now. I would like to ask you why many of you decide to bring so much hate to someone who was just singing from her heart but answer me this:
How would you have like Miss Keys to sing the national anthem? With directness of Whitney Houston or the Showboating of Christina Aguilera? How is her rendition any different than what a Sarah McLaughlin or what Lady Gaga would have done? If  Sarah or Gaga would have sang it would you have considered it brilliant? I don't want to throw the race card into the mix since I thought that we were above this as a society, but since you have thrown such unnecessary negativity towards a brilliant singer I just have to ask why?
If you can give me a legitimate reason than I will let this go, but in my eyes there is nothing you can say for being so hateful towards a person who was trying to bring so much love into this world and her performance
.Maybe as Americans we need to re-evaluate our own lives and figure out why we blindly hate and look at you own faults before you throw stones at somebody else.In the grand scheme of things does this hatred really matter?
Or are we so bitter in our own hearts that we automatically must criticize anybody who makes us feel something for just a little bit.
If that is the case than I feel for you and maybe you need more people like Miss Keys in your life.


Lara B.

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