Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Pregnant: Let The Zombie Apocalypse Commence!

Kim and Kanye's Baby...aint she purty??

A couple of days ago Kanye West announced (like everything he does in life) to thousands of fans at a show that Kim is pregnant with their first child! I'll be honest, My first thought was "So, she's divorced right?" Yeah I looked into and not so much! Poor Kris Humphries is not only married to this human dingleberry still, but now he has to watch her in the media blab every 12 seconds about pregnancy shit!
 It sucks to be him right now I can tell you that! I would love to know how come this whole dating then getting knocked up thing isn't impacting Kim's divorce proceedings in a negative way.
You know that if Kris Humphries was going around stooping every hoe on the planet and knocking them up you know that the Kardashian clan would be RAKING him through the coals, and Try to find any way to make his life (and divorce proceedings) even more complicated. Remember when he went on a date with some random chick and the media had a field day with him.
Why? Since when is it okay for Kim to move on and Not Kris H.? Why does Kim get a free pass?

Honestly I could give really two shits about this waste of space know as a kardashian, I just think it's tacky to be married and get pregnant with another man's baby. Having a baby out of wedlock doesn't bother me, its just the fact that she is still married that I think is wrong.

Here are some of the best LOL reactions from the twitter world, and it seems like many on twitter could care less about the Kim and Kanye baby as well!

What are your thoughts? Feelings? What celeb couple do you wanna see knocked up next?? 
Comment and let's discuss! 

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